People Management

What is people management?

If you are an employee or volunteer you want your organisation to support you. Among the many ways an organisation can do this are ensuring managers and leaders are competent and fair, offering you learning and development opportunities, or providing appropriate reward for your work. The Human Resources (HR) department supports managers and other staff with strategic advice (such as workforce planning), policies and processes, and business partnering.

Why is good practice in this important?

Poor people management can lead to low motivation, poor performance by teams and individuals, and the loss of good staff. Each of these has a cost for the organisation and, especially, a negative impact on the quality of programmes and for accountability to communities and to donors.

What is the CHS Alliance’s work on people management?

CHS Alliance is the sector’s central resource, hub and ‘go-to’ for all questions connected to people management and HR. Our mandate is to ‘lead improvements in people management and engagement’. We provide support and good practice to managers and HR staff. The Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) mainstreams good practice in HR and people management in organisations that apply it.

What CHS Alliance offers:

  • Key CHS Alliance tools include HR Manual, HR Audit Toolkit, Employee Survey, and developing a Learning and Development Framework 
  • Good practice from across the sector including case studies and a policy bank 
  • Partnering on sector wide initiatives and projects with organisations such as with the Start Network, HPI, EISF on issues such as coaching, HR good practice, Duty of Care, CHCF
  • Events such as conferences, workshops