How does your data compare?

29 October 2019
Adrien Muratet

by Adrien Muratet

CHS Verification Manager

So you’ve done your CHS verification assessment, but what’s next? How do you get the most out of the findings? Well, our new software facilitates turning your verification findings into clear learnings, and will help you decide where to focus your resources.

Tableau is a software that helps build dashboards to better illustrate, visualise and analyse the results of CHS verification assessments. This includes both self-assessments and external audits. After reviewing the reports of more than sixty CHS self-assessments, we now know Tableau will help our members to better analyse their data, and understand how to improve the quality of their work even quicker. Tableau helps to produce dashboards that illustrate CHS verification results, trends, detailed strengths and weaknesses.

This software means you can benchmark your organisation against the average score of others in the sector. Benchmarking is not just for the curious, it also has the potential to be a tool that facilitates the exchange and replication of good practices between our CHS verified members. All organisations have their own strengths and weaknesses, and each has their good practices that can inspire and support others to improve.

Preview of what the new Tableau dashboards will look like for our verified members.

At our core, the CHS Alliance is passionate about sharing ways to make aid work better for people. Now, the new Tableau dashboards will supercharge this model, by allowing our members access to the successful practices of those who are champions in their field (roviding that organisations allow the CHS Alliance to share the results of their verification with others, when examples are proven to be good practice). This will help participating members to find new and creative ways of better supporting those they serve.

Based on this, the CHS Alliance will provide all its members with a Tableau license. This means that as a CHS Alliance member you will have access to the full dashboards showing aggregated data from across our membership, while maintaining strict confidentiality of individual organisations’ results.

It’s one small step for the sector, but certainly a useful one in terms of being better able to direct our resources where they are needed most.

For more information, or to request your Tableau license, simply get in touch with me – Adrien Muratet.