When organisations are more accountable to the people they serve, they deliver higher quality, more effective aid.

We advise, guide and train organisations to:

  • Be accountable to affected people (AAP)
  • Protect against sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment (PSEAH) and
  • Better manage people

The Core Humanitarian Standard provides the framework and we assist organisations to apply this standard, to verify performance against its nine commitments, and to improve over time.


People and communities vulnerable to risk of, and affected by, disaster, conflict, poverty or injustice, can access and shape quality assistance and hold organisations accountable.


To promote respect for the rights and dignity of people and communities vulnerable to risk and affected by disaster, conflict or poverty and enhance the effectiveness and impact of assistance by building a culture of quality and accountability.


Our strategy sets out how we will demand accountability to people affected by crisis, and deliver on our commitments. Our objectives are:

  1. Improved delivery of the CHS Commitments
  2. A stronger CHS Alliance movement
  3. A more accountable aid system


There are five core values that guide the staff of the CHS Alliance. Together, we:

  • Aim for excellence
  • Work as a team
  • Respect and care for each other
  • Act with integrity
  • Think creatively

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