Human Resources (HR) Toolkit for Small and Medium Nonprofit Actors

The CHS Alliance and the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation partnered up to create a Human Resources (HR) Toolkit to support CHS Alliance members and other humanitarian and development actors across the globe.

In the nonprofit and the humanitarian and development sectors, your organisational effectiveness and ability to successfully deliver on your mission is closely linked to your ability to attract, develop, retain and engage the right talent.

In order to properly support and enable your teams, and deliver as an organisation, you need to ensure you have a formalised and systematised framework for your people management practices.

Not everybody needs or can become an expert. But everyone ought to be able to access expertise at point of need. This toolkit has been designed to provide individuals in charge of human resources (HR) with:

  • Guidance and good practice to inform the development and/or enhancement of HR policies.
  • A series of questions to assess their current HR framework and identify the required activities and priority actions to strengthen it.
  • Suggested resources that can help address potential gaps. In order to access the free resources hosted on, please create a user profile the first time you visit the platform, then access the various resources via the search engine using the resource title or keywords.

Important Note: This toolkit is not intended to provide country-specific or legal advice, but rather systems and procedures informed by good practices and shared learning across organisations and HR practitioners

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