Human Resources (HR) Toolkit for Small and Medium Nonprofit Actors

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    CHS Alliance,
    Cornerstone Foundation
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    External Link
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    People Management

This 32-page toolkit provides resources to inform and support the enhancement of a formalized and systematized framework for people management practices in nonprofit, humanitarian and development organizations.


  • Follow guidance, tips, and checklists to inform the development and/or enhancement of HR policies.
  • Use a series of questions to reflect and assess existing HR framework (and possible gaps), and identify the required activities and priority actions to strengthen it.

This toolkit was produced by the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation in collaboration with the CHS Alliance. It is designed for individuals responsible for human resources (HR) functions and activities in nonprofits, and humanitarian and development organizations. This may include HR practitioners, program/operation teams, finance and administration managers, and staff planning/responsible for tactical HR, including anyone tasked to support and implement basic HR systems and framework.

Please note that the toolkit is also available in French and in Arabic. In order to access the translated versions of the guide and explore additional resources relating to talent management in these different languages, you first need to create your free account on the open learning platform managed by the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation:

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