HR Manual

This manual was designed to support HR managers and HR practitioners 1 who are setting up a new HR function within a programme (or organisation), both at head office or in field operations. It provides a framework of principles, policies, procedures, guidelines, tools, and templates to serve as a practical guide for HR management in field, regional and/or head offices.

This HR Manual is primarily for HR managers in the humanitarian and development sector. It is relevant to all HR personnel, whether working locally, regionally or internationally. It may also be used by HR personnel outside the sector. This manual is also a useful guidance document for programme managers involved in setting up new programme offices and managing HR matters in the field.

Past experience in local or field operations confirms the importance of setting up a good foundation of HR systems, policies and procedures early on, especially when an operation is working in its emergency stages. Ensuring this will provide all staff members with the adequate HR support and guidance to enable them to deliver the required services to the most vulnerable people. Users of this manual should select and adapt the information provided according to the needs and requirements in their particular organisation, and to the legal framework of the country(ies) of operations.