Sustainable Development Foundation Yemen celebrates joining CHS Alliance

28 March 2023
Mohamed Salim

by Mohamed Salim

Reporting and Media Officer, Sustainable Development Foundation Yemen

Sustainable Development Foundation (SDF), founded in Yemen in 2015, provides humanitarian support and assistance to the most vulnerable groups in Yemen. SDF’s mission is to deliver sustainable, high-quality humanitarian aid to all segments of society in accordance with the principles of human rights-based approach.

Joining the Alliance to elevate our work

As a new member of CHS Alliance starting out on our CHS verification journey, SDF Yemen aims to expand our knowledge and expertise in humanitarian aid for people affected by crisis, while upholding and promoting the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) across all of our programmes and activities. By doing so, we seek to elevate the quality and accountability of our programmes, ultimately improving outcomes for those the people we serve and enhancing our ability to respond to crises and support vulnerable communities in Yemen.

SDF staff celebrate becoming members of CHS Alliance. Credit: SDF Yemen.

For us the CHS sets out a comprehensive set of commitments for the sector. The CHS is important to uphold for the people that SDF serves because it ensures that aid is delivered in a way that is accountable, transparent, and responsive to the needs of affected communities. By adhering to the CHS, SDF can ensure that it is delivering aid that meets the highest possible standards and that it is continually striving to improve its practices.

As we start out on our improvement path, we plan to focus on several specific areas, including improving our complaints mechanisms, rewriting our staff codes of conduct, and increasing our community engagement efforts. SDF believes that by implementing the CHS, we will be able to better respond to the needs of affected communities and build stronger, more sustainable relationships with them.

SDF staff celebrate becoming members of CHS Alliance. Credit: SDF Yemen.

Support needed from all sides

We believe that our INGO partners and donors can better support national and local NGOs like us to improve the quality and accountability of our work by providing more technical assistance and training, as well as funding for CHS verification and other related activities. Donors can also prioritise funding for organisations that have undergone CHS verification, as this demonstrates a commitment to quality and accountability. In Yemen, INGOs and donors should also work to increase awareness of the CHS and its benefits among local NGOs and communities. They can also support efforts to strengthen local organisations’ ability to meet the CHS Commitments.

SDF staff celebrate becoming members of CHS Alliance. Credit: SDF Yemen.

Invest in the future 

To other national and local NGOs, SDF wants to share that joining CHS Alliance and undertaking a CHS verification is a worthwhile investment in their organisation’s future. By implementing the CHS, any size NGOs can improve the quality and accountability of their work, build stronger relationships with affected communities, and enhance their reputation among donors and other stakeholders. Joining the CHS Alliance also provides access to valuable resources and support to help organisations implement the standard and continuously improve their practices.

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