Surge Capacity Research

The Transforming Surge Capacity Project, which launched in 2014, brought together 11 Start Network agencies with ActionAid leading. The aim of the project was to make surge capacity more effective and efficient across the whole humanitarian sector by promoting collaboration and coordination. It was about getting everyone to work together to improve and finding new ways to enhance the role of local agencies and external stakeholders. CHS Alliance was a technical partner in the project and delivers experience, advice and frameworks that guide action.

The Surge Capacity Research was one element of the three-year Transforming Surge Capacity Project (the Project), which documented and fed into current and future best practices for surge capacity, drawing on experiences of agencies and their staff and providing them with information, tools and stepping stones for the future. The following documents were produced:

  • Review of Surge Capacity, 2007
  • Baseline Report, 2015
  • The State of Surge Capacity in the Humanitarian Sector, 2015
  • Nepal Earthquake Tracking Report, 2015
  • Slow Onset Research Piece, 2017
  • Bangladesh Floods Report, 2017
  • Haiti Hurricane Matthew, 2017
  • Typhoon Nock-Ten, 2017
  • The Rohingya Crisis, 2018
  • The Future of Humanitarian Surge, 2018

Additional piece: