Self-assessment helps measure the application of the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality & Accountability (CHS) to an organisation’s work. It is one of three options in the CHS Verification Scheme. Organisations undertake self-assessment internally, using online surveys developed by the CHS Alliance to collect information, document evidence and present results.

At the end of a self-assessment, organisations will have an overview of what they are doing well, and what they might need to improve upon. Repeated every two years, validated CHS self-assessments help track progress and assess the value of interventions.

While all organisations are welcome to use the verification framework to conduct their own evaluation of their performance against the CHS, only CHS Alliance members can use the self-assessment tools developed by the CHS Alliance, and have their reports reviewed and validated. These tools are: 

  • The validated CHS self-assessment manual 
  • Self-assessment online questionnaires (available to members only) 
  • Verification dashboards illustrating results of the self-assessment (available to members only) 


Join our verification Community of Practice

Staff working for CHS Alliance member organisations are invited to join our CHS verification online Community of Practice. This is a peer-to-peer learning network that allows you to connect with other members undertaking verification, access best practice tools developed and/or collected by the CHS Alliance and share tips. The exchanges happen either via an online platform or through the regular webinars. Apply to join the verification CoP here, and keep an eye on our events page for upcoming webinar dates.

Frequently asked questions 

Have a question about self-assessment that remains unanswered? More details are provided in our CHS Verification Scheme Frequently Asked Questions.

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