Self-assessment helps measure the application of the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality & Accountability (CHS) to an organisation’s work. It is one of four approaches in the CHS verification scheme. Organisations undertake self-assessment internally, using a CHS Alliance toolkit to collect information, document evidence and present results.

At the end of a self-assessment, organisations will have an overview of what they are doing well, and what they might need to improve upon. Done repeatedly over time (we suggest every two years) self-assessments help track progress and assess the value of interventions.

While all organisations are welcome to use the self-assessment toolkit, conducting a CHS self-assessment is expected of CHS Alliance members.

Peer review

Peer review is another CHS verification method which uses the same process as self-assessment, however, the review is conducted by a similar, external organisation.

Online course

If you want to find out more about CHS self-assessment, you can access our free online course. Designed for those planning to undertake the CHS self-assessment, as well as those looking to better understand the different methods of CHS verification the course covers:

  • The structure and scope of the CHS
  • Different methods of CHS verification
  • How to plan, conduct and report on the CHS self-assessment

After completing the online modules, you should have a better understanding of how to score your application of the CHS and how to write an effective summary report.

It takes approximately four hours to complete and can be studied at your own pace. Start the course now.

Assessment toolkit

Once you are ready to start CHS self-assessment, our toolkit contains two documents that any organisation can use to assess their application of the CHS to their work: 

More support

Improvement plan guidelines

The CHS self-assessment is likely to be part of a continuous improvement plan for your organisation. We have developed CHS improvement plan guidelines to help organisations analyse their self-assessments and prioritise improvement actions.

Webinar on self-assessment 

Want to hear from those who have gone through the processListen to CHS Alliance members discussing their self-assessment experiences on a recorded webinar from 2017. 

We frequently run new webinars to support those interested in CHS self-assessmentcheck our trainings page to find one happening soon. 

Frequently asked questions 

Have a question about self-assessment that remains unanswered? More details are provided in our CHS verification Frequently Asked Questions.  

Get in touch 

Contact our Verification Manager, Adrien Muratet, to start your verification journey.