Increasing recognition of CHS verification

Since its launch just over five years ago, the CHS has repeatedly been endorsed by NGOs and donors as essential for setting and maintaining quality standards and assurance within the humanitarian sector. Yet, despite this recognition and the fact that it addresses several Grand Bargain related commitments, the CHS still remains an aspirational standard to many donors and NGOs, not a formal requirement to demonstrate the core elements that organisations need to ensure principled, effective humanitarian action.

In January 2020, the CHS Alliance commissioned an independent reviewto see if two (related) challenges – the need for greater uptake of the CHS verification and the need for further progress on harmonising donor Partner Capacity Assessments – could have a mutually beneficial solution by using CHS verification as part of donor due diligence requirements. This could lead to less duplication and cost saving measures by donors and NGOs,with the intent of improving the humanitarian assistance to people in crisis.