In a rapidly changing world, how can we make the CHS a more accessible, relevant and user-friendly tool to drive better quality and accountability?

The CHS revision process is designed to answer this question – based on extensive consultation with humanitarian and development actors, policy makers, donors, and crucially, people affected by crises.

Following analysis of the feedback received on the current Standard during the consultation phase in 2022, a revised CHS is being drafted and will be shared with aid actors and affected people and communities for validation.

The CHS custodians – CHS Alliance, Sphere and Groupe URD – in collaboration with regional partners, will undertake in-person regional and global workshops in six locations in 2023. These will build on consultations with communities, people affected by crisis and aid practitioners at country level through Country case studies (CCS).

The following regions and countries are selected for country case studies and regional or global workshops

Region Dates Event location and type
Middle East and North African Region 16 May 2023 Amman, Jordan: Regional workshop
Europe 7 June 2023 Geneva: Global workshop
Central & South America 22 June 2023* Panama City, Panama: Regional workshop
Western & Central Africa 29 June 2023* Dakar, Senegal: Regional workshop
Southern & Eastern Africa 7 September 2023* Nairobi, Kenya: Regional workshop
Asia Pacific 28 September 2023 Bangkok, Thailand: Regional workshop

* Tentative holding date – to be confirmed.

Background and timeframe
The Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS) is a standard developed by the sector to improve the quality and accountability of aid.  It sets out a series of commitments that humanitarian actors have made to people in crises. Since its launch in December 2014, the CHS has been used by hundreds of organisations to improve their work. To strengthen the Standardand ensure it remains relevant in a changing humanitarian landscape, the CHS revision was launched in May 2022.

Drawing on learning over the past seven years, as well as wide-ranging stakeholder engagement, the CHS custodians expect to finalise the revised Standard by the end of 2023.