Consultancy – CHS Verification Impact study project

20 February 2023

Consultancy Purpose/objectives: To undertake the work required to roll-out the impact study of the CHS Self-Assessment, developed and managed by the CHS Alliance, and contribute to the overall CHS Verification impact study. 


The CHS Alliance and HQAI have identified a joint project that captures the impact of Verification against the CHS. This study encompasses the three verification options: Self-Assessment, Independent Verification, and Certification, with the objective of having both a global overview of the impact of CHS Verification, and the possibility to better understand, establish a baseline, and potentially compare impact associated with the three different options. A component of the study is also to develop and mainstream within the three verification options sets of indicators to measure impact over time. 

As part of the project, CHS Alliance and HQAI have developed a concept note, theory of change, and research protocol. 


The objective of this consultancy is to undertake the work required to roll-out the Self-Assessment element of the impact study and provide the basis to establish a baseline, comparative analysis and longer term measurement of impact. This will include: 

  1. Reviewing the existing research protocol and developing the necessary tools and processes to implement them under the Self-Assessment methodology;
  2. Working with the CHS Verification Lead to identify the organisations targeted to take part in a pilot;
  3. Pilot the tools and processes with this first cohort of volunteer organisations; and
  4. Provide initial analysis of the results that will feed into a joint impact study report co-sponsored by CHS Alliance and HQAI. The report will bring together the different options for verification, including Self-Assessment.
  5. Identify and elaborate a method to mainstream impact measurement in Self-Assessment, which can enable continuos and longer term measurement.


The consultant(s) will build on the existing framework for analysis under the research protocol developed by HQAI with the contribution of the CHS Alliance.


The output of this consultancy will be twofold: 

  1. Analysis that will form the basis of the CHSA / HQAI impact study report, highlighting thedifferent options for verification and demonstrating and comparing the impact of the threeverification options on organisations; and
  2. A method, including a set of tools / indicators for mainstreaming the impact measurement withinthe three verification options.


The work will take place between March and June 2023. 

Consultant profile 

The person(s) shall be registered as a Consultant/s in their country or work for a consulting firm. The consultancy will be remote and home-based, with possible travel to Geneva, as required. 

Skills and Experience 

  • CHS Verification
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Data analysis
  • Reporting

Person Specification 

  • Dynamic, flexible and able to deliver results;
  • Ability to work independently while liaising with colleagues when required;
  • Familiarity with data visualization tools (tableau dashboards)
  • Ability to respectfully listen to and respond to queries, adapting to culture and context of theinterlocutor, both orally and in writing;
  • Excellent communication skills both in writing and orally
  • Proven ability to prioritise and time manage effectively, working in a structured manner and todeadlines;
  • Fluent in English

When contracted by CHS Alliance, the Consultant/s commits to the CHS Alliance vision, mission, and values and commits to being personally and collectively responsible for upholding and promoting the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct. This includes refraining from acts of misconduct, respecting the CHS Alliance’s Code of Conduct and the dignity of those whom the Alliance pledges to assist and with whom they have contact. 

How to Apply 

Interested candidates should submit their applications by email to: 

Applications shall include in one PDF document (mandatory, since otherwise the application will not be considered) a CV + a motivation letter detailing the daily amount of your fees and including the estimate number of days that should be necessary. 

Please mention your name and the title of the consultancy in the subject line. 

Deadline for applications: 

  • Sunday 5 March 2023

Important information: 

  • The person shall be registered as a Consultant/s in their country or work for a consulting firm.
  • Please note that we will require two references from Consultant/s.
  • Our complaints mechanism can be used by our Consultant/s or to report complaints about ourConsultant/s.

Download the PDF version of the ToR