2019 Bangkok CHS Exchange Report

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The Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS) was launched in late 2014. It was a collaborative effort by our sector to address the issue of quality and accountability by providing a clear and measurable standard to make aid work better for people.

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Five years on, CHS Alliance members and partners came together in Bangkok to discuss the progress that applying the CHS has made and what more needs to be done to drive change for the people we serve.

On 19-20 November, we exchanged knowledge and ideas to identify how we can strive to meet the commitments we have made to affected people – as set out in the CHS. Over the course of the Exchange, we explored:

  • What we have learned through applying the CHS, as organisations and as a sector;
  • How we build on this learning to improve our service to people affected by crisis;
  • How the CHS Alliance can support the widespread application of the CHS.

This exchange was based on the experience of organisations which have applied the Standard. It built on discussions that took place in London in November 2018 and in Amman in July 2019. The event was based on group learning, enabling participants to share their experiences and insights with one another.

Bangkok CHS Exchange and General Assembly