Managing complaints package

This resource refers to the 2014 edition of the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS). A more accessible CHS will launch in March 2024. To find out more about the updated CHS and transitional phase, please visit the CHS website.

CHS Alliance’s new Managing complaints package, funded by USAID, aims to help humanitarian and development organisations, regardless of their size or location, to develop or update an effective complaint management mechanism. It supports organisations to maintain consistent practices across diverse communities and different contexts, meaning more crisis-affected people will receive the accountable support they deserve.

The package consists of:

  • A comprehensive best-practice guide on how organisations should respond to complaints they receive.
  • A practical toolkit with ready to use best-practice templates and examples.
  • An accessible e-learning series that walks users through setting up and managing a complaints mechanism.

CHS Alliance encourages all organisations striving to better meet the CHS to make the most of these new resources, to create robust and effective complaints systems that authentically reflect the needs and voices of those they serve.

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