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Informative material to further your knowledge of the investigation principles and procedures in the Investigation Guide

Taking a victim/survivor-centred approach to protection from sexual abuse, exploitation and harassment in the aid sector

CHS Alliance, 2022

CHS Alliance has produced a foundational paper which considers what a Victim/Survivor-Centred Framework for addressing protection from, and responses to, SEAH might look like in a humanitarian or development organisation, and how it can be operationalised by aid actors.

Link to info and paper here

Core standards for survivor-centred support of sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment

InterAction, 2023

The From Pledge to Action survivor support subgroup at InterAction developed the Core Standards for Survivor-Centered Support of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and Harassment, for international development and humanitarian organisations. These set out to ensure that all survivors of SEAH are entitled to adequate support services, regardless of which organization employed the person who caused the harm.

Link to InterAction info and document

Tip sheet: How to implement a survivor centred-approach 

Resource Support Hub (RSH), 2023

A tip sheet, developed by RSH from the findings of a consultation held among civil society organisations in Ethiopia about their understanding of survivor-centred approaches (SCA) and what mechanisms they have put in place to prevent and respond to Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Sexual Harassment (SEAH)

Link to RSH info and document