HHR2020 – more vital than ever before

27 July 2020

by Aimee Wielechowski

Head of HR - International Operations, Danish Refugee Council

Previous Humanitarian HR conference attendee Aimee sent us this video message on why fellow humanitarian people management leaders and experts should attend, and what makes this year’s better than ever.

Last year I attended the CHS Alliance HHR conference for the first time. I got a lot out of it, but the most important three things were:

  1. I came away really inspired by my colleagues and all of the really innovative work that they’re doing. I got a lot of new ideas and inspiration to bring back to my team.
  2. The network – fantastic colleagues, many of whom I’ve stayed in touch with over the last year.
  3. A really strong sense of pride in working within HR. Good people management practices in your organisation contribute to more accountable humanitarian aid and it gives you a really strong sense of purpose and pride in what you’re doing every day. That gives me a lot of motivation!

In 2020, I think the conference will be even better, here’s why:

  1. Online there will be much more diversity and much more networking. I look forward to having many more colleagues contributing from around the world.
  2. Even more importantly, with COVID-19 and all the discussions happening at the moment around structural inequalities within the humanitarian sector, it’s really important that we come together to figure out what people practices we need to continue to be legitimate and credible in this new normal.

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