Accountable project management in 2020

CHS Alliance member Community World Service Asia (CWSA) recently revised their Quality and Accountability Booklet for Project Cycle Management.

Humanitarian standards related to Quality and Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP) have brought humanitarian actors one step forward in terms of principles and commitments towards the people they seek to assist.

As we shift towards a collective inter-agency approach to Quality and AAP – including Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse – with common frameworks and more systematic measurement and verification at national or response-levels, it needs to be integrated into programming cycles, at both inter-agency and organisational levels, through a people-centered lens. CWSA’s Booklet is designed for field practitioners. It provides easy access to information and tools to apply Quality and AAP, including PSEA.

The Booklet promotes shared decision making at all phases of the programming cycles, which cannot happen without a thorough review of the humanitarian organisations’ way of thinking and working.

Download the Booklet: