Consultation – SEAH harmonised reporting framework

24 February 2022

In 2021, CHS Alliance and the Steering Committee for Humanitarian Response (SCHR), together with the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office initiated a project to develop a harmonised framework for sexual exploitation, abuse or harassment (SEAH) data collection and reporting for humanitarian and development NGOs.

As this initiative develops, CHS Alliance, SCHR and GCPS Consulting would like to invite you to participate in the survey below.

Your contribution is valuable and will help to set the objectives and way forward for a harmonised framework on SEAH data collection and reporting for humanitarian and development NGOs.

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Please complete the survey by 31 of March 2022.


The first phase of the project was carried out in 2021. Consultations with a range of organisations were conducted (INGOs, NNGOs, private sector, UN, donors), alongside mapping and analysing existing SEAH reporting mechanisms. A  provisional model for a harmonised SEAH data framework was developed.

A report of the initial stage of the project with findings, conclusions, and recommendations is available to inform the next phase of the project:

Generally, those consulted agree that a more harmonised approach to data collection and reporting on SEAH incidents would bring many advantages, if set up with a clear purpose and scope, together with an inclusive approach.

Based on the work carried out in 2021, in early 2022 the project aims to:

  • Collect feedback from NGOs on the proposed draft harmonised framework on SEAH data collection and reporting,
  • Identify NGOs interested in taking part in the testing phase of a SEAH reporting draft framework from mid-2022, and
  • Explore the scope, role, and responsibilities of a Steering Committee to oversee the project.