CHS Alignment Statement Report for New Members

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By joining the CHS Alliance, your organisation is taking a commitment to improve the quality and accountability of its programmes. In order to fulfil this commitment, the CHS Alliance encourages you to select one of the options of the Verification Scheme and measure your performance against the standard. However, we recognize that this may take some time and that some organisations already have similar initiatives in place and will want to avoid duplication of efforts.

In this case, the CHS Alliance requests, as part of your application process, a “CHS Alignment Statement” to demonstrate your commitment to Quality and Accountability and your commitment vis-à-vis the requirements of the CHS Alliance. In return, this allows the CHS Alliance to be better informed about the initiatives taking place, and how we can better support your efforts for improving the quality and accountability of your activities.

Once submitted, the statements will be reviewed and filed by the CHS Alliance. The material will inform the collective learning of the CHS Alliance on the strengths and challenges faced by our membership, which will be used when designing our capacity strengthening initiatives.