Consultancy to advance the development of a standardised data collection and reporting mechanism on SEA for aid organisations

19 March 2021

The CHS Alliance is looking for a consultant to advance the development of a standardised data collection and reporting mechanism on sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) for aid organisations. The expected outcome is to enable more robust analysis of trends, benchmarking of individual agency experience and improve the usefulness of SEA data in order to inform policies and practice, preventive strategies benefiting victims/survivors of SEA and aid recipients, as well as promote transparency and mutual/collective accountability in the aid sector.

The methodology is expected to be through desk research, remote evidence review and key informant interviews. It will require a close collaboration with NGOs and private sector stakeholders and a good understanding of the UN data system as well as donors’ requirements.

The ideal candidate shall be registered as a consultant in his/her country or work for a consulting firm, and, among other criteria, demonstrate strong commitment to improving the management and reporting of SEA and a strong understanding of the aid sector’s architecture and the stakeholders therein.

The detailed terms of reference, including timing for the consultancy, are available here.

If you are interested by this mission, please submit (1) a motivation letter, (2) a curriculum vitae, and (3) a brief proposal including your daily fee to Coline Rapneau at

Deadline to submit your application is: Monday 5 April 2021