Humanitarian Accountability Report 2022: Accountability is Non-Negotiable – Ending sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment

Sexual exploitation, abuse and sexual harassment (SEAH) of crisis-affected persons by aid workers are among the most egregious failures of accountability.

A foundational chapter in the 2022 Humanitarian Accountability Report: Accountability is Non-Negotiable focuses on PSEAH—protection from sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment.

This chapter uses the CHS PSEAH Index as a starting point to analyse how well aid organisations are protecting people facing crisis from abuse by aid workers. It explores where progress is being made and where urgent action is needed.

Key findings:

    • While aid organisations have paid great attention to this profound issue in recent years, CHS verification data shows that as a collective aid organisations are not yet fulfilling any of the requirements of the CHS PSEAH Index indicators.
    • Although organisations have made systematic efforts to apply PSEAH best practice in their people management policies, there is a lack of participatory communication between organisations and crisis-affected people on expected staff behaviour.
    • Organisations who have used CHS verification over the long term have shown improvements on the lowest-scoring PSEAH indicators, such as consulting with communities on complaints mechanisms and information sharing.
    • To turn PSEAH ideals into a reality the aid system needs more – safe – transparency in reporting and must make PSEAH requirements explicit and integral to all funding.


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