Accountability changes – PSEAH improvements in the 2022 HAR

As part of the Humanitarian Accountability Report 2022: Accountability is Non-Negotiable (HAR), Takaful Al Sham shed light on how they used the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality & Accountability (CHS) to improve their ability to protect crisis-affected people from sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment (PSEAH).

Takaful Al Sham’s first verification against the CHS showed the people they served were not aware of expected staff behaviour, particularly what behaviours were unacceptable. As a result of discovering this, Takaful Al Sham created and updated PSEAH policies, making them explicitly part of the project management cycle. By acting fast and implementing concrete changes, their next audit against the CHS showed marked improvement. Before their first CHS verification, 65-75% of Takaful Al Sham programme participants knew how to complain, this increased to 90% at the next audit.

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