CHS Alliance Event Code of Conduct

CHS Alliance members, Secretariat staff and Board members are committed to providing an inclusive, respectful and above all safe experience for everyone at all CHS Alliance events, both virtual and in person.

Our events encourage the open exchange of ideas and require an environment that recognises the inherent worth of every person and group. We do not tolerate discrimination, intolerance, harassment, aggression, or ill-will of any kind.

All participants attending or involved in any capacity at a CHS Alliance event are required to abide by this code of conduct at all CHS Alliance events’ venues and related social events, including during meals, breaks and after-hours networking, be it in a virtual or an in-person setting. This code of conduct outlines the participant behaviour we encourage during CHS Alliance events as well as unacceptable behaviour. It also outlines our policy on handling reports of unsafe behaviour and other code of conduct violations.

Anyone who is directly affected by or witnesses a code of conduct violation at a CHS Alliance event can file a report and is encouraged to do so by completing this form.