What is Protection from Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment?

We all have a part to play in protecting those affected by crisis from sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment (SEAH). The nature of humanitarian and development work means that staff are often in positions of power while helping people and communities in highly vulnerable situations. Employees in the sector must also be able to work in a safe, harassment-free environment.

As an alliance of more than 200 aid organisations, we are committed to tackling all forms of mistreatment and misconduct, wherever they occur. Protection from Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment (PSEAH) is woven throughout the Nine Commitments of the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS).

The PSEAH Index clearly states various safeguarding requirements for 22 of the CHS. It gives organisations verifying their performance against the CHS the ability to determine whether they have the policies and practices in place to protect people from sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment.

Our members are at the forefront of efforts to reduce the incidence of sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment. One way that we are leading these efforts is through the CHS Alliance Community of Practice (CoP). This CoP is made up of Alliance members who share insights, good practices, experience and information on PSEAH, and provide input into the development of materials on the issue.

CHS Alliance services at a glance

The CHS Alliance supports its members and others to deliver on their PSEAH commitments with:

We support our members to have their own complaint mechanism in place. However, we offer a complaint mechanism if you have concerns, complaints, feedback on how this has been handled, or in cases where you don’t believe a member organisation has a complaint mechanism in place.

Please see our complaints mechanism here.

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Reach out to our PSEAH Adviser, Coline Rapneau, for more support and guidance on prevention of and response to sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment.

“I have spent many years in the field in various countries and continents, mostly holding positions related to prevention and protection of civilian populations. In all these places, I have learnt how important it is within an organisation to have strong preventive measures in place, to protect both the people we serve but also the staff. The CHS Alliance offers a vast range of options to support its member organisations ensure they are fully equipped to protect people against sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment”

Gozel Baltaeva