Whistleblower Protection Guidance – English

Creating an environment that protects and enables reporters of misconduct or wrongdoing.

Safe and effective whistleblowing protects everyone involved with aid: the people affected by crises, aid workers and the organisation itself. By identifying problems or harm, organisations can ensure that misconduct or wrongdoing is acted upon.

This resource has been created by CHS Alliance to provide practical guidance and a policy framework for CHS Alliance members and other organisations to develop or update their own whistleblowing policy and to help foster a culture in which people feel safe to speak up. This document also supports organisations to better meet organisational responsibilities under CHS Commitments 3, 5 and 8.

This guidance is designed to assist:

  • Humanitarian and development organisations developing a whistleblowing policy and who want to understand and follow good practice.
  • Experienced professionals who want to review an existing whistleblowing policy.
  • Leaders or managers seeking to make informed decisions about their investment in whistleblowing protection development and implementation, to foster an environment where reporters feel safe and supported.

We know one size doesn’t fit all, so our PSEAH Manager, Coline Rapneu, can also offer CHS Alliance members support on applying the guidance to review or create a whistleblowing protection policy and an enabling environment where people feel safe to speak up. Let Coline know how she can help:  crapneau@chsalliance.org.

  • Download the French version here.
  • Download the Arabic version here.

This project was funded with UK aid from the UK government.