CHS and its role in protecting people from Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment

25 September 2020

The Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS) makes Nine Commitments to people affected by crisis, letting them know what they should expect of the assistance provided by aid organisations.

In the five years since the Standard was launched, we have seen that we don’t always live up to these commitments. In 2018, the sector was rocked again by safeguarding scandals, highlighting the necessity for the sector to do more and work better for the people it serves.

Two years ago the UK hosted a Safeguarding Summit where NGOs, UN, private sector and donor governments made a number of commitments to improve safeguarding.  Significantly, donors committed to “demonstrate adherence to one or both sets of international minimum standards related to PSEA, namely the IASC MoS on PSEA and/or the PSEA elements of the CHS.”  The recent Legal Review of the Aid Worker Registration Scheme echoed this call for donor recognition of a common standard.

Since this summit, CHS Alliance has updated our PSEAH index to ensure it is reflects best practice on PSEAH, to enable organisations to have the right polices and the processes in place to keep people safe.

The Alliance’s Executive Director, Tanya Wood, gave oral evidence on 22 September to the UK Parliament’s International Development Committee inquiry into sexual exploitation and abuse in the aid sector: next steps. She stressed that the sector has a long way to stop these violations and highlighted the central role the CHS can play – as a verifiable standard – in keeping people safe.

Join donors and independent experts for an important session on CHS and its role in protecting people from sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment at the CHS Exchange as we strive to make our organisations safer. Learn about how we have strengthened the CHS PSEAH Index and how the updated PSEAH Implementation Quick Reference Handbook can assist you and your staff.

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