Coaching Toolkit

  • Author(s)
    Sara Swords,
    Ben Emmens,
    CHS Alliance
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    People Management

This toolkit has been designed to support you, as a coach. Over time, your own experiences will supplement what it contains. The toolkit should be used as a starting point for your coaching practice and you should not feel restricted by it. It is based on a toolkit that was produced for the coaching network under the Start Network’s Talent Development Programme.

The Talent Development Programme was a three-year project which aimed to build the capacity of national humanitarian workers in East Africa, Asia and the Middle. The coaching network was a global network of in-house and independent coaches. The network was made up of national staff members of INGOs, NGOs and the public sector in the implementing countries and qualified coaches with a humanitarian background dispersed across various countries.

From March 2015, the CHS Alliance, working with a team of global coaching experts, trained and supported 115 coaches in Kenya, Ethiopia, Jordan, Bangladesh and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Throughout the duration of the Talent Development Programme, these coaches have delivered coaching sessions to 416 coachees across the learning and development programmes. For more information consult the evaluation and the final report of the Coaching Network.