Important Updates on the CHS Verification Scheme

27 March 2019

The Core Humanitarian Standard was launched four years ago. We have learnt a lot from the verification processes organisations have undertaken to assess how successfully they have applied the standard, while acknowledging that the need for a more accountable aid sector is greater than ever. Therefore, we are pleased to share some important updates designed to help our members and the wider sector with their verification journey against the CHS.

A more user-friendly CHS Alliance Self-Assessment & Peer Review

The Self-Assessment and Peer Review tools are now revised, and the following changes have been made to make them more effective and user-friendly:

  • Format: We have reduced the number of documents to just two – the user guidance and the report template. The questions to communities are clearer and more adaptable.
  • Scoring grid: The new scoring grid now has five scales (0-4) instead of six (0-5). Score 5 has been taken off without affecting the definitions of the other scores.
  • The cycle of the assessment: We moved from a two-year cycle to a four-year cycle, to align with the independent verification and certification cycle.

For more information please contact Adrien.

New CHS Alignment Statement

All CHS Alliance member organisations are required to have “a documented organisational commitment to quality and accountability in its activities and management practices towards people and communities vulnerable to risk and affected by disaster, conflict or poverty”. To meet this requirement, we encourage all our members to undergo one of the CHS verification processes.

However, in recognition that this may take more time for some members, the CHS Alliance Board has approved a CHS Alignment Statement, which asks members to share how their organisation aligns to the CHS. It should be submitted on an annual basis at the end of the calendar year and each subsequent year until an organisation has completed one of the verification scheme options.

Review of the CHS verification scheme

The CHS verification scheme, managed by the CHS Alliance, is four years old. Fifty-four organisations have undertaken at least one of the four verification options, providing valuable data on how our sector is performing on critical areas.

To ensure the scheme is as effective as possible, we have commissioned an external review to make the necessary recommendations for the way ahead. KPMG Norway has been commissioned to do this review.

Our policy team is happy to respond to any questions you may have about any of these initiatives.