On this page you will find training resources, and upcoming training events, on the Core Humanitarian Standards

Our next facilitated training event is a training of trainers on the CHS, that starts in January 2024. More info and a link to registration page are provided here.

For the SEAH Investigation training programme please go to the following page: Investigator Qualification training Scheme.

We are providing half day introductory workshops on the CHS to CHS Alliance members, online, at specific dates. Dates are advertised to CHS Alliance members focal points. We also share the training material and facilitation notes, should you want to use it to facilitate your own workshop. Please contact us at the below email address for that purpose.

We have a number of externaly hosted elearning modules on both the CHS and PSEAH/Investigation. You will find them all listed on this page, and in the resource section below.

For additional information, please contact us via training@chsalliance.org

Approved trainers scheme

This scheme allows us to recognise competence in training on subjects relating to quality and accountability. It includes consultants and others who offer training.

Those who qualify and meet the criteria may describe themselves as CHS Alliance approved trainers on the following specific subjects: the CHS, CHS self-assessment, complaints and response mechanisms (CRM), investigations, management of investigations, and protection from sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA).

Learn more about our scheme