CHS Alliance Complaints Policy

The purpose of the Complaints Policy and Procedure is to increase the level of member and stakeholder satisfaction with the work of the Alliance by being receptive to complaints and resolving them in an efficient, effective and professional manner. The CHS Alliance seeks to maintain its reputation as an alliance of members who undertake high quality and accountable work, provide the best possible service, and are responsive to the needs and concerns of our members and other stakeholders, especially those whom we seek to serve in our humanitarian and development work.

(30 JANUARY 2020) PLEASE NOTE: The CHS Alliance Complaints Policy is currently under revision and will be updated in 2020. While the policy is being updated, we will continue to welcome complaints.

In addressing current and future complaints while the policy is being updated, we will be guided by the current policy but our scope for handling complaints will be more limited. Recognising this is during a process of transition, we will be extra diligent to communicate to individual complainants the process we will be following and what they can expect from us. We thank you for your understanding.

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