CHS Verification Scheme Overview

Verification is a structured, systematic process to assess the degree to which an organisation is working to achieve the CHS. The Quality Assurance Verification Scheme is managed by the CHS Alliance. It sets out the policies and rules of the verification process to ensure it is conducted in a fair and consistent manner for all participating organisations.  

The scheme offers three verification options with different degrees of rigour and confidence in the results. These are: 

  • self-assessment 
  • independent verification 
  • certification 

The indicators used are common across all the options.  

The scheme was updated in May 2020 to make it easier for organisations to understand the benefits and differences between the three options, to introduce new tools for the self-assessment, give greater recognition to organisations who have completed verification and create an expert oversight body to ensure that the scheme remains fit-for-purpose. 

This version replaces previous versions of the CHS Alliance Quality Assurance Verification Scheme. 

Download our verification flyer here.

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