Are you a verification champion?

9 December 2019
Adrien Muratet

by Adrien Muratet

CHS Verification Manager

As the CHS Alliance grows, I’ve seen more and more of our verified members being bold, being open and being true champions of the CHS in their work.

These pioneers have started to come together to create a community of sharing, and now we’re expanding…

Is your organisation preparing for a CHS self-assessment, or an external audit through HQAI, and has questions on the process ahead you would like to ask to your peers? Or have you already completed a CHS verification and you would like to discuss any issues you’ve come across? How about hear good practices and tips from others on how to overcome these challenges from those with firsthand experience?

Responding to requests from our members, we are boosting our efforts to facilitate peer exchanges before and after the CHS verification process. The CHS Alliance will now offer you the chance to join our Community of Practice on Verification. Here, you will be able to ask your verification questions directly to CHS Alliance secretariat staff members, as well as to your peers.

Together we will learn from each others’ experiences, motivate and inspire as a group, and create a reserve of resources to collectively improve our organisations’ work.

Please contact our Verification Manager, Adrien Muratet, if you’re interested in joining the Verification Community of Practice.