The new verification scheme is coming

25 March 2020
Adrien Muratet

by Adrien Muratet

Verification Manager of the CHS Alliance

Our governing board recently met and approved our plans for an updated CHS Quality Assurance Verification Scheme.

What difference will this new scheme make to the one we’ve used so far? Why have we updated it? Here’s an overview of what to expect in the new Verification Scheme…

The independent review of the Verification Scheme by KPMG Norway, conducted in 2019, highlighted some key areas for improvement. Along with recommendations relating to the sustainability of the third-party verification options – that we are tackling through engaging with donors –  other challenges required amendments to the scheme itself. The CHS Alliance has worked with our members, advisors and with our partner HQAI, to improve the scheme. The new document includes:

  • Clarity around the different verification options, with a clearer purpose about the benefits of each option and better complementarity among them. The self-assessment has been updated and should be seen as the first step all organisations (and certainly our members) should take to measure and improve the quality of their services and demonstrate their commitment to the CHS.
  • Better public recognition for each option, including a logo and associated claims, that can be issued by both the CHS Alliance and (where relevant) the conformity assessment body.
  • Establishment of a Verification Advisory Panel, to include independent experts on quality assurance and audits, who will oversee the verification scheme. The panel will ensure that it remains fit-for-purpose by making clear recommendations on future necessary changes for the CHS Alliance Board to adopt. This will include any future adaption of the verification options, reviewing new certification bodies and oversight of future improvements to the methodology for the self-assessment.
  • More clarity of the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder including the CHS Alliance secretariat, governing board, the conformity assessment bodies (currently HQAI only), and the Verification Advisory Panel.

These changes have been made with the same objectives in mind: establishing a more user friendly, but equally robust scheme, that drives stronger take-up by organisations at the same time as achieving more formal recognition by donors and other stakeholders. Ultimately the new scheme is designed to serve the higher purpose of making a real difference for the people our members serve through quality services and programming. We are confident that this new scheme will help us deliver positive results.

We will share more soon with our members, and do join us on the “verification community of practice” to discuss this more. Hoping that you’re all fine and taking care of each other in these difficult moments.