2022 CHS Alliance Annual Report

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In 2022, CHS Alliance members continued to demonstrate their commitment to being more accountable and to building a more accountable system. We listened carefully to our members and partners and created a bold new strategy to 2025. It prioritises three areas that we seek to underpin through a greater number and diversity of organisations delivering on the Commitments of the CHS:

  • Improving delivery of the CHS Commitments
  • Building a stronger CHS Alliance movement
  • Creating a more accountable aid system

Over the year, to ensure those nearest to communities are gaining the most from the CHS, the Alliance deepened our engagement in different contexts to learn from local leadership. We supported more organisations to join the movement – particularly national actors – and fostered increased connections to improve how members work with people affected by crises and contribute to building a more accountable aid system. We used the knowledge and evidence generated by our members’ application of the CHS to influence people who effect system change.

The result: our accountability movement gained the greatest momentum to date.

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CHS Alliance’s 2022 Annual Report


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