The Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability sets out Nine Commitments that organisations and individuals involved in humanitarian response can use to improve the quality and effectiveness of the assistance they provide.

To do so, organisations can use one of the options of the CHS Verification Scheme to measure their performance against the CHS and making improvements on areas where they are most needed.

Now we have a dedicated platform, the CHS Commitment Tracker which makes it easier for individual organisations to manage their CHS Self-Assessments and to use the results. It will also give greater recognition to members that have completed any of the three verification options.

 Visit the CHS Commitment Tracker

The platform offers you:

  • Trends in accountability: Gain valuable, data-driven insights into global accountability trends, to increase knowledge and inform your decision-making. 
  • Recognition of Verified Organisations: Discover which members of the CHS Alliance have successfully completed a verification process and witness the transformative impact it has had on their work. 
  • Private Verification Data: Access your organisation’s private verification data, providing you with a clear understanding of your strengths, areas for improvement, and progress on the path to accountability. 
  • Start your Verification Journey: Learn how to initiate your verification journey, equipping your organisation with the tools and knowledge needed to conduct an assessment and develop an improvement plan. 
  •  Join the CHS Alliance: Explore opportunities to join the CHS Alliance, the global network of humanitarian and development organisations commmited to making aid work better for people.