Welcome to SKT Welfare UK, Solidar Suisse and Taawon Welfare Association!

We are delighted to welcome three new organisations as full members of our Alliance, approved at the September 2018 meeting of our Board. They are as follows:

SKT Welfare aims to help the most vulnerable people affected by natural and man-made disasters and to alleviate extreme poverty through sustainable humanitarian and development projects. They have projects in WASH, education, health and food security. SKT Welfare is currently working in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Syria, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Gaza, and Somalia.

Solidar Suisse was founded in 1936. They currently run 60 projects in 14 countries. They focus on decent work, democratic participation and social justice, through humanitarian aid, development cooperation and campaigns. They are members of the networks Solidar and Swiss Solidarity. They have undertaken an external audit by the European Foundation of Quality Management and hold the ZEWO seal for effective management of donated funds.

‘Taawon’ Welfare Association was established in 1983 and is headquartered in Ramallah. They support the sustainable development of Palestinian people, non-government organisations and communities. Their interventions focus on education, youth empowerment, community development, culture and support to orphans. As part of their culture portfolio, they were the initiators of the now-independent Palestinian Museum in Birzeit. They also run a programme to support preserving heritage, improving social, economic and environmental conditions in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Through the application process, these organisations have demonstrated their commitment to implementing and promoting the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS), and to striving for continuous improvement in the quality and accountability of the work that they do.