Welcome to HEKS/EPER - Swiss Church Aid!

HEKS/EPER  - Swiss Church Aid, an organisation focusing on rural community development, humanitarian aid and inter-church cooperation in 32 countires, have recently joined the CHS Alliance, marking their commitment to the application of the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS) in their day-to-day service to people and communities affected by crisis. 

"In joining the Alliance we hope to be able to further strengthen our processes, systems and corporate culture when it comes to effectiveness, transparency and accountablity," says Stefan Gisler, Head of Monitoring Evaluation Learning (MEAL) at HEKS/EPER - Swiss Church Aid. "We look forward to joining a  global learning community. We believe that full compliance with the CHS will boost our fundraising efforts and, even more importantly, we simply owe good quality and professionalism when serving people and communities in more."


HEKS/EPER – Swiss Church Aid is the aid organization of the Swiss protestant churches and campaigns for a more human and equitable world in Switzerland and abroad, and cooperates with people and communities in economic and social need. HEKS/EPER made it a priority to support rural communities in demanding and securing their tenure rights for the land. It requests that the right of every person or community to access, use and manage land and resources are respected, protected and fulfilled. In 2018 the organisation worked with 44 projects in 14 countries on securing access to land.

HEKS/EPER has its headquarters in Zurich and Lausanne, Switzerland. In 2018, it was active in 32 countries – with 17 priority programmes in development cooperation – with more than 200 projects worldwide and with 60 projects in 15 cantons in Switzerland facilitated by 500 staff members. To get an overview of their programmes visit: https://www.heks.ch/en.