We are revising the CHS Self-Assessment tool!

We are revising the CHS Self-Assessment tool!

At the beginning of the year, we have launched a consultation process in order to make the CHS Self-Assessment tool more user-friendly and offer more support throughout the exercise. We invited those of you who have completed the self-assessment process to participate in a survey. Thanks for your comments and suggestions!

Recently, some of you have participated in a webinar in order to discuss the results of the survey and identify together a series of modifications. These will be submitted at our Board meeting on 26-27 April. Based on the Board’s feedback, we will draft a revised tool, which we will subsequently submit to engaged members for their comments.  We are aiming to release a revised version of the self-assessment tool in the course of the month of September.

Why opt for self-assessment?

  • It favours an internal learning process on the CHS:
    • Internal documents; staff interviews at headquarters and in-country, as well as partner interviews and focus group discussions with communities; awareness-raising about the CHS at various levels of your organisation.
  • It triggers engagement for improvement:
    • It identifies specific strengths and weaknesses within your organization; it is systematically followed by an improvement plan with concrete action points to address these weaknesses.
  • It facilitates external recognition and visibility:
    • Your organisation shows its engagement toward quality and accountability.