Volunteers required! HR practitioners and line managers we’d like you to try out our new HR Support Package

While it is widely recognised that organisational effectiveness and successful programme implementation are closely linked to the ability of agencies to attract, develop and engage the right talent, many agencies still face gaps at the tactical level.

To help address these gaps, the CHS Alliance and the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation have partnered to develop a practical Human Resources (HR) Support Package. This initiative brings together both organisations’ years of expertise in providing innovative technology, best practice and support in people management with the much-needed contextualisation to our sector. 

The first part of this initiative was launched at the end of last year, and now we are calling on all HR practitioners and those of you involved in people management activities to explore it and send us feedback as well as tactical HR questions you may have so we can leverage our network of experts and enable the sharing of knowledge and expertise. 

Our shared vision is to position the support package as a conversation starter, a “living” and evolving resource that will grow organically as users also become contributors. So why not getting involved now by checking it out and getting in touch with us.