Humanitarian Accountability Report launches worldwide

On 1st October the CHS Alliance, in partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), launched the 2018 edition of the Humanitarian Accountability Report (HAR) in Geneva. Since then, the Alliance has organised a series of launch events around the world. Presentations of the key findings took place in Washington in partnership with InterAction, in Boston with Oxfam America and in Bangkok within the framework of a set of Quality and Accountability events hosted by Community World Service Asia (CWSA).


On 5 December 2018, Bonaventure Sokpoh, CHS Alliance's Head of Policy, Advocacy and Learning participated in a panel discussion hosted by InterAction with Maria Rowan from the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, Jeremy Konyndyk from the Center for Global Development and Kathryn Striffolino from InterAction. The event was moderated by Dayna Brown, co-author of the report.

After a short presentation of the methodology and the results of the HAR 2018, the panellists explored how the outcomes relate to their own work. They found the publication to be comprehensive and timely, providing a good assessment of our sector. The group also discussed some ideas to consider in the future to foster change. These included the necessity to rethink the “business model” of the humanitarian system as at the moment the same big donors fund the same big actors, and the need for adjustments at the governance level of organisations to have people affected by crisis represented on their boards and involve them in the negotiation process.


The launch event in Boston on 7 December 2018 was hosted by Oxfam America with the involvement of Bonaventure Sokpoh, Carlos Mejia, Humanitarian Director of Oxfam America, and Isabella Jean, Director, of CDA Collaborative Learning.

The discussion provided an opportunity for the panellists to share their personal experiences, the methodology and the writing process of the HAR 2018, the relevance of the topics and the results of the report. The questions and contributions from the participants were warmly welcomed as these drew further attention to the need of respecting the dignity of the people we serve. Reflecting on the localisation agenda, it came up that funding is less of an issue now than to ensure that national and local actors feel recognised and respected. Read Isabella's blog here on the need for participation in decision-making.


We contributed to a set of Quality and Accountability events organised by Community World Service Asia from 6 to 11 December. Geneviève Cyvoct, our Senior Quality & Accountability Officer, presented the key findings of the 2018 edition of the Humanitarian Accountability Report at a panel discussion on Quality & Accountability to Affected Populations (Q&AAP). It was encouraging to see such level of commitment to the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability!