Global Learning Forum to take place from 04 to 08 September in Geneva

From 04 to 08 September 30 practitioners involved in the Talent Development Project, which sought to build the capacity and competencies of humanitarian workers in Bangladesh, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Jordan and Kenya, will gather for a four-day learning event to take stock of its achievements, and identify and share lessons. 

“This event is the culmination of three years of very hard work by many different staff from organisations in six countries,” says Carol Hatchett, Project Manager, Save the Children. “This Forum presents our first - and only - opportunity to get many of the key staff from those countries together to share and capture what we've learned, in particular what worked and what didn't in strengthening humanitarian capacity in countries at risk of disaster.”

Since November 2014, the Talent Development Project, which has received £5.9m funding from DFID through the Start Network under the Disasters and Emergencies Preparedness Programme (DEPP) initiative, has successfully trained over 1,000 national humanitarian staff in 6 countries, as well as setting up a coaching network and re-launching the Core Humanitarian Competencies Framework. 

The project supported the DEPP in its vision of transforming the humanitarian sector through building stronger networks and coalitions, and improving national staff capacity in order to respond to emergencies better and quicker, and save more lives.   

Talent Development is one of the 14 projects funded by DFID and the Start Network under the DEPP. It was set up in November 2014 by a consortium of four agencies, namely CHS AllianceOxfam UKRelief International and Save the Children UK. The project was implemented in cooperation with Save the Children International, Institut BioforceMzN InternationalRedRLeadership for Humanitarians and a number of specialist HR consultants.


Photo credit: © Leadership for Humanitarians/Relief International