Do we need a Centre for Safeguarding Excellence? Take a few minutes to share your opinion!

Following the Safeguarding Summit in March 2018, DFID’s Safeguarding Unit is funding a scoping study on whether to develop a Centre for Safeguarding Excellence.

Within this context, please take ten minutes to answer a survey on the need for a safeguarding centre of excellence to support humanitarian and development organisations. The survey will be open until Monday, 16 July. 

At the Safeguarding Summit the aid and humanitarian sectors discussed the need to improve safeguarding prevention and response, addressing the failures that have led to sexual exploitation and abuse. Attendants agreed a shortlist of actions to drive up standards in the aid sector, including exploring the creation of an international safeguarding centre to "support organisations to implement best practice on safeguarding and maximise transparency in the sector.

Safeguarding, in the context of discussions on developing a Centre of Excellence, refers to frameworks or measures that are intended to safeguard everyone who works in, or comes into contact with, the organisation. The scope of safeguarding covers the responsibility of organisations to make sure their staff, operations and programmes do no harm to children and vulnerable adults, or expose them to abuse or exploitation, and includes protecting staff from inappropriate behaviour such as bullying and harassment.