Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe West and Central Asia delivers CHS Training to implementing partners in Gaza

In October 2017, Ann Halsig, Capacity Building Program Coordinator and Chris Duane, Program Assistant, from Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (DKH) West and Central Asia, traveled to Gaza to deliver training inclusive of the Humanitarian Principles, the ICRC Code of Conduct, and the Core Humanitarian Standard in practice, including a Training of Trainers, with support from Dr. Ahmad Safi, DKH Country Representative for Gaza.

16 participants, eight from Palestine Agricultural Development Association (PARC) and eight from the Department of Service to Palestine Refugees (DSPR), attended the four-day training. Participants came from a variety of departments and levels, including senior and mid-management, technical staff, M&E and project staff. PARC’s operations, as the name suggests, are focused on agricultural development projects and community-based disaster risk reduction, whilst DSPR focuses its relief efforts on healthcare and vocational training.

Participants valued the sessions stating that the training would, “raise [their] organisation’s accountability,” that they could better, “ensure the quality of the services [they] provide,” and that the most valuable learning from the training was, “how the commitments will affect [their] work in the field.”

The trainers really enjoyed the opportunity to focus so thoroughly on the diverse guidance to good practice in humanitarian work. The training raised excellent questions and sparked exciting discussions about our collective approach to this work, and our commitments to the communities we serve and beyond.