Competency-based HR – CHS Alliance training in Nairobi on 14 December


Competency-based HR can help an organisation select, develop and manage staff in an efficient, fair and strategic manner.  Producing competent and well-managed staff, in turn, leads to accountable and effective organisations.

The Core Humanitarian Competency Framework (CHCF) was developed in 2010 to provide humanitarian organisations with a common set of behaviours that have proven to be effective in responses. Since then it has been adopted by many organisations proving to add value and increase efficiency for its users.

CHS Alliance is currently working with Talent Development Project (START Network) and the Humanitarian Leadership Academy to promote the use of competency-based HR and the CHCF in NGOs in Kenya, and as such the Alliance is happy to announce a free training day being run in Nairobi for HR staff and Managers.

The training day will introduce competency-based HR and CHCF, participants will then learn more about competency-based recruitment and selection methods/tools and staff development planning methods/tools.

HR Training Day details – Competency based recruitment, selection and staff development

When: 14th December, 9 am local
Where: Central Nairobi (venue TBC shortly)
Duration: 5 hours
Overview: The session will introduce competency-based HR approaches and provide an overview of the CHCF, its background and how it can be used in NGOs HR processes. Participants will then be trained on the use of competency-based tools for recruitment and selection (including the STAR interview method, asking CHCF based questions, analysing and recording responses and results). The session will also cover how to assess an individual and teams strengths and weaknesses against the CHCF.

Details: Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

The session will be run by Claire Wanjiku – Claire is a practising certified Executive, Career and Organisational Effectiveness Coach and versatile Human Capital and OD consultant. She has a long and varied background in NGO HR management and interventions and is currently the Founder and Director of ‘Vital Edge Consulting’

Both these events are free and open to HR staff, managers and employees who would like to introduce the CHCF to their organisations.

WE HAVE LIMITED SPACES so if you would like to join us, please get in touch with Gemma Prescott on gprescott@chsalliance.org to confirm your attendance asap.