CHS self-assessment: experience, tips and recommendations from those who’ve done it!

Do you still have to carry out the self-assessment and the process seems filled with questions? Are you currently planning or starting your CHS self-assessment and want to ensure you’ve properly accounted for all the steps? Conscious that there is an important learn-as-you-go aspect, we have decided to bring together representatives of our members who have already been through the self-assessment and ask them to share with you some of their lessons learned and recommendations. The webinar, which will be hosted by Care International, will last for an hour and target some of the recurrent questions we get from members, as well as covering key insights from our speakers. Naturally, there will be also space for your questions! The webinar will take place on Tuesday 6 June at 10:00 UTC, 12:00 CEST.

Speakers will include:

  • Mags Bird, Strategy Advisor for Mission East
  • Uwe Korus, Monitoring, Evaluation and Accountability Coordinator for Care International 
  • Carol Morgan, Regional Director for the Horn of Africa, Concern Worldwide
  • Robert Sweatman, Head of Performance and Accountability at the British Red Cross and Board member of CHS Alliance 
  • Adrien Muratet, Programme Officer and
  • David Loquercio, Head of Policy, Advocacy and Learning who are both supporting the self-assessment process for CHS Alliance.

The webinar will be facilitated by Geneviève Cyvoct, Senior Quality and Accountability Officer at the CHS Alliance.

If you cannot participate but have some questions, please send them to Geneviève Cyvoct by 31 May 2017. We'll record the webinar and make it available on our website.

Register and access the webinar here.