Call for papers - Can standards and reforms drive effective change?

CHS Alliance is organising a panel within the framework of the 5th bi-annual World Conference on Humanitarian Studies, which will take place on 27–29 August in The Hague. Entitled 'Can standards and reforms drive effective change?’, our panel will explore "why our sector struggles to make change happen even if we all agree it should".  

Join us in exploring the topic by focusing on one of the following six themes, namely: putting people at the centre; harmonising reporting requirements; pushing the localisation agenda; putting an end to sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) and sexual harassment and abuse (SHA); inclusive response (gender, age groups, diversity, marginalized groups, etc.); and the cash revolution.

We would be interested to hear what you think. If you can, submit your paper by 1 June 2018. If you have any questions, get in touch at info@chsalliance.org, and please feel free to share this call with your colleagues or anyone who might be interested.