IQTS Tier 2 – SEAH Investigation Theory

Course format
Course length
25 day

IQTS training events are currently on hold while we adapt the training provision. Don’t hesitate to visit this page again later once we re-launch.

This course is the second Tier of the Investigator Qualification Training Scheme (IQTS). For a full overview of the IQTS, refer to this page.

IQTS Tier 2 builds on IQTS Tier 1, available on the DisasterReady platform “Foundation of SEAH investigations”.

Participants profile:

The IQTS Tier 2 online course is designed for:

  • Humanitarian and development practitioners interested in learning more about SEAH investigations.
  • Safeguarding practitioners seeking to enhance their understanding of SEAH investigations.
  • Individuals wishing to become investigators and advance through the IQTS certification scheme.
  • Current investigators wishing to pursue professional development and gain insight into updated standards in SEAH investigations.
  • Investigation managers interested in understanding the standards and processes in SEAH investigations.


Course objectives:

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define the terms and concepts in SEAH investigations.
  • Know and define the principles of SEAH investigations.
  • Identify the six phases of SEAH investigations.
  • Know the roles and responsibilities of investigation team members.
  • Know and define the components of an SEAH investigation plan, including the risk assessment.
  • Understand the foundational processes and tools in studying background material and gathering evidence.
  • Know the components and purpose of the PEACE interview model.
  • Define the different types of and purpose for SEAH investigation reports.
  • Identify the closure procedures for SEAH investigations.
  • Identify key factors and considerations in each investigation phase in remote investigations.


Course structure:

Learning Week 1
  • Foundations of SEAH Investigations
  • Phase 1, Investigation Planning
  • Webinar 1
Learning Week 2
  • Phase 2-Part 1, Studying Background Material
  • Phase 2-Part 2, Gathering Evidence
  • Phase 3, Updating the Investigation Plan
Learning Week 3
  • Phase 4-Part 1 Preparing for Interviews
  • Phase 4-Part 2 The PEACE Model for Interviewing
  • Phase 4-Part 3 Best Practices for Interviewing
  • Webinar 2
Learning Week 4
  • Phase 5, Performing the Analysis and Writing the Report
  • Phase 6, Concluding the Investigation
Learning Week 5
  • Remote Investigations, Part 1
  • Remote Investigations, Part 2
  • Webinar 3
  • Course Wrap-Up Activities


Course format:

Tier 2 is a blended learning programme (self-directed and virtual classroom sessions) that requires about 3 to 5 hours of your time per week, over 5 weeks. For more details on the schedule, click on the desired event below.

Certificate – External examination:

In order to receive the course certificate, participants need to complete and pass an external ‘multiple choice’ examination. Please note that Tier 1 certificate (obtained from the “Foundations of Investigations elearning module on the DisasterReady or Humentum platforms) must be provided when registering for the external examination.

How this course relate to Tier 3 – SEAH Investigation Practice

Tier 2 will equip you with a thorough understanding of SEAH Investigation terminology, principles and procedures. Successful completion of the external examination will enable you to join Tier 3 – SEAH Investigation Practice, where you will, in a learning environment, experience applying Tier 2 learning using an investigation case study. We strongly advise that you wait for completion of Tier 3 before you start practicing actual investigations.

Recognition of Prior Learning:

If you have previously done a SEAH investigation course with CHS Alliance or another provider, please read our conditions for Recognition of Prior Learning within the IQTS, before you register to a training event.