PSEA & Investigations for Managers Workshop

Course format
Course length
1 day


This one-day workshop looks at how to manage investigations into staff misconduct, with a particular focus on investigations into sexual exploitation and abuse of beneficiaries by staff. Additionally, it explores safeguarding strategies that managers can implement in their organisations to reduce the risk of exploitation and abuse and improve their organisation’s capacity to receive and respond to allegations of staff misconduct.

Who should attend?

Senior managers responsible for managing internal investigations and those who are responsible for development or review of organisational policy relating to sexual exploitation and abuse.

Course content

The course comprises the following modules:

  • Defining, and responding to, exploitation and abuse;
  • Principles, risk assessment and critical elements in managing investigations;
  • Creating a culture of safety – codes of conduct, awareness-raising amongst staff and communities, complaints & response mechanisms and recruitment practices.

Pre-workshop assignments and background reading

Participants are asked to read several key documents relating to the management of investigations prior to joining the course. There are no pre-workshop assignments apart from the reading.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will have increased understanding of the following:

  • The context within which abuse and exploitation can occur;
  • The key elements in managing investigations;
  • Prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse through codes of conduct, complaints & response mechanisms, awareness raising amongst staff and communities and recruitment strategies;
  • Organisational responsibility for creating a safe environment free from sexual exploitation or abuse.

They will have established skills in:

  • Planning and managing investigations;
  • Developing and implementing prevention strategies.

Course fees


Swiss Francs (CHF) Full members Associate & non-members
Open workshop (per participant)
Standard rate 250 350
Small agency rate* 125 175
Sole-agency workshop (for a maximum of 25 participants)
Rate 3500 5000


The open workshop course fee includes facilitation, course materials, lunch and refreshments during the days of the course, and a course completion certificate. The course fee does not include the cost of overnight accommodation or travel to and from the training venue.

The sole-agency workshop course fee includes facilitation, including travel and accomodation of the facilitation team, small adjustement of the workshop to the requesting organisation’s context, course material and certificate of completion. It does not include venue, lunch and refreshments which must be provided separately by the requesting agency.

*A small agency is one with an annual expenditure of less than 5 million Swiss francs.

Programme guide

Day 1: Introduction, background and context; What is abuse?; Codes of conduct; Awareness-raising of staff and communities; Complaints & response mechanisms; Good practice in recruitment for PSEA prevention; Manager testimony on investigations; Managers’ responsibilities in an investigation; Critical elements in managing investigations, including risk assessment; Action planning.