SEA Investigation training course

Course format
Face-to-face or Remote
Course length
4 face-to-face, 4.5 remote

This training will be replaced by the Investigator Qualification Training Scheme starting October 2022. For more information, please visit the IQTS training page.


This training course demonstrates how to conduct fair, thorough and confidential investigations into complaints of staff misconduct, with a particular focus on allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse of affected populations.

Who should attend?

Mid- to senior-level staff who are, or may be, designated to investigate allegations of staff misconduct within their organisation.

Course content

The course covers the following topics:

  • What is abuse?
  • Principles of investigation
  • Investigation planning
  • Documentary and other evidences, and site visits
  • Conducting interviews
  • Investigation report and management implication report writing
  • Investigation closure

The course includes a simulation exercise of the interviewing stage of an investigation, using a detailed case study. Actors represent the complainant, subject of complaint and witnesses.

Pre-course assignments and background reading

The investigations training course has mandatory pre-workshop assignments:

  • The first pre-workshop assignment requires the participants to research and reflect on exploitation and abuse in the context of the country in which they work.
  • The second pre-workhsop assignment review good practices of investigations in order to prepare participants to the course.
  • Participants are also asked to read the investigation guide in order to prepare for the course.

This preparation require 3-4 hours. Assignments need to be sent back before the course start. No certificate will be delivered without assignments received. All material is shared about a month prior to the start of the workshop.


A certificate of completion is provided to participants who have attended the course in full, as well as completed requested pre-course assignment.

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Please note also that this course will be run until September 2022. From October 2022, we will transition to the Investigator Qualification Training Scheme. You can find more information on the scheme here.