SEA Investigations Workshop

Course format
Face-to-face or Remote
Course length
4 face-to-face, 4.5 remote

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This workshop demonstrates how to conduct fair, thorough and confidential investigations into complaints of staff misconduct, with a particular focus on allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse of affected populations.

Who should attend?

Mid- to senior-level staff who are, or may be, designated to investigate allegations of staff misconduct within their organisation.

Course content

The course covers the following topics:

  • What is abuse?
  • Principles of investigation
  • Investigation planning
  • Documentary and other evidences, and site visits
  • Conducting interviews
  • Investigation report and management implication report writing
  • Investigation closure

The workshop includes a simulation exercise of the interviewing stage of an investigation, using a detailed case study. Actors represent the complainant, subject of complaint and witnesses.

Pre-workshop assignments and background reading

The investigations workshop has two mandatory pre-workshop assignments, introducing the definitions of exploitation and abuse, complaints handling and the Guidelines for Investigations. The first pre-workshop assignment requires the participants to research and reflect on exploitation and abuse in the context of the country in which they work. A significant amount of background reading is required in order to prepare for the course and complete the pre-workshop assignments. All information is shared about three weeks prior to the start of the workshop.

Course fees


Swiss Francs (CHF) Full members Associate & non-members
Open workshop (per participant)
Standard rate 1200 1600
Small agency rate* 600 800


*A small agency is one with an annual expenditure of less than 5 million Swiss francs.