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The CHS self-assessment is integrated into the CHS Alliance’s Quality Assurance Verification Scheme.

A CHS self-assessment is a two-year cycle of continuous learning and improvement: once the self-assessment is completed for the first time, it feeds into the development of an organisation’s improvement plan. This plan is renewed every two years to measure progress made, and ensure that the plan remains up-to-date and focused on the most needed areas.

As with all other verification options in the Quality Assurance Verification Scheme it will be reviewed regularly by the Verification Review Panel comprised of experts on quality assurance and accountability from the sector. CHS Alliance will update the CHS self-assessment manual regularly based on these reviews.

Who can undergo a CHS self-assessment?

Any organisation can use the tools developed by the Alliance, but only CHS Alliance members can have the process of their self-assessment validated by the CHS Alliance secretariat, and be issued with a letter and a stamp demonstrating their commitment to the standard.

Non-members can find out more about joining the Alliance.

The CHS self-assessment manual

This manual presents the methodology, tools, and advice for an organisation conducting their self-assessment against the CHS.

Who is the manual for?

It is primarily designed for an organisation’s CHS self-assessment focal point and/ or anyone coordinating the organisation’s efforts towards completing a CHS self-assessment.

Download the infographic here.