Cultivating Caring and Compassionate Aid Organisations: contextualised cross-sector conversations

30 September 2020

by Mary Ann Celements

Lead Facilitator

As part of our Cultivating Caring and Compassionate Aid Organisations project we are now actively seeking participants from organisations to participate in a series of cross-sector that are designed to explore the topics of Aid-Worker Wellbeing as it relates to Organisational Culture, Mental Health and People Management. These are the next step in a process that began with a consultation at the end of 2019 and the Mapping Report, Working Well: Aid Worker Wellbeing and How to Improve it that was launched in January 2020.

This series of contextualised conversations is designed to:

  • explore thinking about aid worker wellbeing in a variety of different contexts;
  • elevate conversations about wellbeing within Organisations and help them to develop ideas about how they might tackle these issues; and
  • co-create ideas about how the sector can start to pay more attention to aid worker wellbeing and tackle some of these issues that will feed into the next phase of this initiative.

We would like to invite you or your organisation to nominate one person who would join this series of conversations. The person should:

  • have a deep interest in being part of conversations about wellbeing
  • have some potential of having an internal impact
  • be committed to contributing to this process and all the three conversation sessions

The idea is that these conversations would bring together a cross-sector group of peers to share experiences and learning and think about the ways to uplift the conversation about wellbeing and strategies to integrate it more fully into our sector and its work. The initiative would plan to take some of those forward as we develop our work.

A series of three conversations will be conducted virtually and facilitated regional for the time being online. Later we may also run national level in-person conversations depending on the situation with Covid-19.

These will be facilitated conversations and discussions rather than a webinar and so we are asking people to sign up for a series of three as we hope to build support and momentum amongst the groups.

The first session of the three will focus on participants sharing experiences, the second on exploring what strategies their organisation might use and the changes they plan to advocate for within it, and the third on identifying the changes needed in the sector more widely. The outcomes of these conversations will feed into the next stage of our intuitive.

  • In Africa, Hope Chigudu will facilitate the three sessions beginning on 2nd October.
  • In the Middle East and North Africa, Nurhaida Rahim will facilitate the three sessions on the following dates, 22nd October, 19th November and 17th December
  • In Asia, we will run these conversations in partnership with Community World Service Asia who will host them and they will be facilitated by Uma Narayanan on the following dates September 30th, October 27th and November 25th.
  • In Europe Mary Ann Clements will facilitate the three sessions on the following dates; 13th October, 10th November & 8th December

We also plan to confirm a similar series of conversations in other regions and locations and will add dates for those here soon as well as separate sessions for consultants and individuals with an interest in these issues which we will also be posting details about soon.